High-tech zone rorder rubber wristbandseflects area"s efforts to meet innovative industrial goals

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A local steel company in Dalian uses the latest automation technology to optimize its production process. [Photo by LIU DEBIN/CHINA DAILY]

IBM Innovation Studio in Dalian is a successful example of the city"s information technology industry combining the world"s newest technology and innovation, local officials said.

The second IBM Innovation Studios in China, which was founded in May in the Dalian High-Tech Industrial Zone, uses big data, cloud computing and cognitive technology to offer clients professional digital innovation services.

The high-tech zone is currently home to more than 110 Fortune 500 companies and industry-leading enterprises as well as more than 1,200 software and service outsourcing businesses.

Jin Guowei, head of the zone"s administrative committee, said: "The zone has created a good industrial atmosphere and is attracting large enterprises by continuously improving the business environment."

The zone has also continually fostered and improved the environment for entrepreneurship and innovation by gathering high-tech businesses, Jin added.

Dalian Infobank Co, which has grown in the zone, has set up one of the world"s biggest trade databases, in which data covering 157 countries and regions and dating back to 1988 are stored.